Movies for thinking: Thrillers which will blow your mind!

If you like movies as much as I love it, you will find this debate very interesting especially because we will here say more about the movies you can watch with your friends. This is a short list which is made for all friends who like to spend their nights thinking about the “right” killer, “right” meaning and all those moments we simple stay without words!

For start let us suggest you some crime-drama thriller movie with the huge expectations and even bigger element of surprise at the very end. Off course, I am talking about “The Usual Suspects”. If I can say one movie has it all than you can assume which one would be my number one. Top of the tops, Kevin Spacey is playing like he is the highest paid actor in Hollywood and believe me, Oscar was really deserved!


L.A. Confidential

Another movie you can very much enjoy and share with your friends would be “L.A. Confidential”! Impressive story and impressive course of action. You will simple find the hero you will love and you will hate other two leading actors. Oh, I didn’t mentioned you that here story follows three different kind of cops on their way to do their job and understand the other side of law? Actors are impeccable!You will once again see amazing Kevin Spacey as a television star kind of cop, Russell Crowe as the “bad”cop who has his story behind him and you will see mister “everything by the book” Guy Pierce. We should say something about (I would say typical L.A. Woman from the Doors song) Kim Basinger but we will leave that up to you and your friends!


The Prestige

Number three movie for thinking and for some sort of surprise is “The Prestige”. There is no reason for this movie to be on the third place because of all the drama and surprise you will just see! If you are in to the magic and great acting you will simple be amazed with the quality of Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as magician who live their world one against the other. In this move you can also see a sexy bomb, Scarlett Johansson which is pretty weird and a pleasant for eye!